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  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Pattaya, Thailand


  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Soi Six Teenie Bopper Blows Me For $15

I’ll be honest - I’m not normally a Soi Six guy. Some guys swear by it, but the street is just a little too chaotic for my taste. I’m a low-key kinda guy and I like to hunt in a more discreet manner.

Still, on occasion, I like to wander down the Soi just for some variety and see if I can find any fresh new talent. Oftentimes new girls from the provinces will start out at Soi Six just to get some “training” before moving on to the bigger bars on Walking Street or LK Metro. If you’re lucky (and persistent) you can sometimes fuck some hidden gems.

Well lucky for you guys, I’m definitely persistent. I discovered this week’s hidden gem, Nunu, right outside of Roxy bar shyly watching the other girls catcall customers. One look at that adorable face and tight teen body and I knew I had my target acquired.

Mamasan said Nunu had just arrived from Isaan three days ago (I knew it!) and only could give blowjobs. In the Philippines, they call these girls “cherry girls” because they can’t fuck customers yet. I’m not sure what they call it in Thailand, but I really didn’t care. Mamasan assured me that Nunu had been properly trained in the art of oral pleasure, and she only cost 500 baht ($15) for an hour of fun. Great deal!

Nunu didn’t disappoint! This beautiful little Thai teeny could surprisingly handle my size and gave a slow, rhythmic, reverent blowjob. It’s like she knew this was her purpose in life already and had solemnly accepted her new fate. And the way she drooled all over herself every time I thrust deep in her throat was so sexy!

I finally blew a massive load of white creamy baby paste all over her innocent teen face and admired my handiwork as it dripped down to the floor. Good girl Nunu, you’re learning how to serve foreign men! Next time I barfine you I’m gonna teach you how to use your other holes too!

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