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  • Age: 20 years old
  • Location: Buriram, Isaan, Thailand


  • Age: 20 years old
  • Location: Buriram, Isaan, Thailand

Gorgeous Thai Maid Creampied During Interview

I think you guys might remember this week’s sexy Thai hooker, Som. Perfect body, beautiful face, and just made for pleasing men. I secretly filmed our first tryst a few months ago, and then convinced her to let me film her taking a sexy shower a month later. Well, I’m happy to say my plan worked to perfection, because she stopped being so camera shy. When I offered her a job as my cumrag (I mean, Bangmaid), she leapt at the opportunity to serve a foreign man in an official employment capacity. I had to do a cursory interview, just to make sure she could follow basic instructions, but the whole time I was just itching to see this sexy slut in a skimpy maid outfit dusting the house.

I kept the interview short and sweet, instructing the cute little cunt to change into the appropriate outfit and let me see her cleaning skills. I squeezed her ass and fondled her perfectly proportioned breasts and she didn’t bat an eye. What a good girl!

Finally it was time for the most important part of the interview. She showed me she could clean the house, but could she clean my giant 9-inch monger cock? Well guys, let me just say she passed this part of the interview with flying colors.

Som was a natural cocksucker. The way she bobbed her empty head up and down on my meat like a bobble-head doll made me think she was genetically born for this work. And when it was time to sink my dick into her perfectly shaved snatch, she was already wet with anticipation, just like a good female should always be. I slid my dick into her eager beaver and pounded her sweet love-box until I couldn’t hold it anymore. Although I don’t always impregnate a girl during her interview, the opportunity to breed this perfect genetic specimen was too good for my evolutionary genes to resist, and I unloaded a giant sticky load deep into Som’s sweet, slanted slit.

When the cum came gushing out of her whore-hole, it made a mess all over the table and floor. But when I admonished her for her carelessness, she immediately picked up the cleaning supplies and cleaned up the big mess she made. Good girl! You’re starting off on the right foot. Now go make me some Pad-Thai while I lay on the couch and watch TV.

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