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  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: San Fernando, Philippines


  • Age: 19 years old
  • Location: San Fernando, Philippines

Cute, Chubby Bangmaid Gets Covered in Boss’s Sticky Splooge

It’s not easy being a fat girl in Southeast Asia. Sure, some guys are into girls with a little extra cushioning, but on average most mongers prefer spinners or girls with hourglass figures at least. Not round, pear-shaped women that pervade our western countries (yuck!). And I’m no different. Why waste time on a chubby chick when the bars and dating sites are packed to the brim with loads of fine, slim teenage fuckmeat?

Still, I’ll occasionally take pity on one of these pathetic porkers and bring one home for the night, usually after a night of heavy drinking. They do tend to give great blowjobs as they have to make up for their physical deficiencies, and it’s always fun to furiously pound their plump pussies and fill them up with sperm.

Enter Chloe: When this chunky chica hit me up online in response to my “Help Wanted” ad, I almost didn’t respond. Her profile pic wasn’t that hot and I could tell she had a “Jollibee belly,” which isn’t really my style. Still, it was a rainy day in Angeles City (sorry for subpar lighting!) and I hadn’t had any luck luring any slim teens to my apartment, so I decided to give Chloe a whirl. At least she’d probably be able to take my 9-inch cock down her hungry throat, as I’m sure she had a lot of experience engulfing Jollibee hotdogs.

And curvy Chloe did not disappoint! What she lacked in figure, she more than made up for in cocksucking ability. Well….it’s not that she was an expert cocksucker, but at least she let me fuck her face and shove my dick deep into her throat without gagging too much.

After about 20 minutes of pumping Chloe’s plump pussy in a few different positions, I decided that I wanted to give this little whore a facial instead of the usual interview creampie. Why? I guess... Read more

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